The Sims Mobile beginners guide

The Sims Mobile beginners guide

Electronic Arts has released “The Sims Mobile“, a new mobile game in the cult simulation series. With our the sims mobile beginners guide you manage the perfect entry.

With the The Sims Mobile , which was updated a few weeks ago for Android and iOS , EA brings the popular life simulation in a new version to our smartphones and tablets. For your perfect start to the game, we’ve put together some helpful hints that will help both die-hard Sims fans and novice Sims players.

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The first task in the game is as usual to create your virtual alter ego, so your own sim . Here you can theoretically spend a lot of time until the look with gender, physique, face, hairstyle, make-up, clothing and co perfectly matches your ideas. You can also change the settings later.

Then you move into your first home, which has more than earned the description. There, it is then first time to make clear ship and prepare the first room, before you start in the right excitement of the mobile simulation hit.

Build a nice home

Build a nice home the sims mobile

Again and again you unlock new home furnishings for your home. You should also diligently place these in your own home to make your home more and more homey. For this you can use the device tickets collected over time to acquire new items for your home. Great side effect: you unlock new actions and improve the lifestyle of your Sims .

sims mobile jobs

sims mobile jobs

As in real life, the jobs for your maintenance in the form of the Simoleons are also taken care of in “The Sims Mobile”. Luckily, you do not have to write an application for a long time, just look up a location with a job offer – you’ve got the job. Among other things, you can work as a barista or cook as well as fashion designer. Your work should be done as often as possible to generate revenue and improve your job skills . That’s how you make your career, which brings your Sim on.

Do daily tasks and missions

Do daily tasks and missions sims mobile

Work out daily the quests of your to-do list . That brings you loads of XP and other rewards. If you’ve already succumbed to the Sims fever, it should not be a hurdle for you to drop by the app every day. Also on the missions you should take a look regularly and complete the events to collect more rewards.

Help your Sim

Many tasks, such as completing a job, can be done by your Sims on their own. But it works faster, if you help. So the shift is faster and you earn your rewards faster, like EP, Simoleons and career points . And it’s also funnier than waiting. If you are not playing yet, you can still keep your Sims busy and complete tasks.

First hard, then risk-taking

While you are doing your job, As in the small cafe in the park, many small tasks await you. First, complete the normal tasks to build self-confidence. Then you can also try the gradually appearing risky actions (star with sunglasses), which can give you more event points and thus a faster progress , but can also go wrong.

Level upgrades expand your world

By collecting EP, your Sims will steadily increase in level. This will bring you, among other things, new items of clothing and objects for your interior, as well as new neighborhoods and more. So you gradually expand your options in “The Sims Mobile”. As hobbies or the opportunity to marry freely. Once you’ve activated the parties, there are more acquaintances and rewards waiting for you there.

Develop with understanding

Every now and then you can give certain features to your Sim. Read through the features and benefits and then choose a feature that will help you in your plans.

More Sims

Relatively fast you get the opportunity to create more Sims . Then you can pursue multiple careers at the same time and do not often have an exhausted Sim, who longs for new energy. By the way, just put a tired Sim in your bedroom to bed to gain new energy.

Make contacts and distribute stickers

Interacts with the Sims of other players (marked with blue diamonds). Distribute her stickers, which you receive daily for free, make her fashion celeb. In turn, you can reinvest in exclusive fashion in Izzy’s boutique.

Pay attention to special offers

Check out the shop more often. There you will not only find the usual in-app offers for the numerous in-game currencies, but from time to time also great special offers . If you hit it, you will benefit from rich discounts and bring you more favorable in the game.

Watch videos and collect rewards

If you’ve mastered a task, you can occasionally increase your reward by watching a promotional video of mostly 30 seconds in length. Even in the different environments, you often see a little blue video icon. If you tap this and then let yourself be sprinkled with some advertising, you also get a small reward as a thank you for your time . Whether this effort is worth it, we leave you. As a rule, you’ll earn more in less time than through the actual games.

Activate push notifications

Do you always want to stay up to date on what your Sim is doing right now or if he or she has something on their minds? Then activate the push notifications. This is what you will learn when new tasks await you or when they have been successfully completed.

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