Sims Mobile: How to Get Heirlooms use them properly


In The Sims Mobile you can collect heirlooms that pave new ways in the game. You need her, among other things, to unlock new careers or hobbies. In addition, you can get XP boosts or even earn more money. We’ll explain how you get heirlooms and how they work.

How to get heirlooms

Heirlooms belong to Sims who are retiring. If a Sim withdraws, he will leave you his heirloom . So you have to increase your family so you can always get new heirlooms.

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There are three types of heirloom: ordinary, unusual and rare. The rarity level depends on the lifespan and life satisfaction of the Sim who is retiring. Life satisfaction can be increased by achieving life goals.

It is quite possible to get double heirlooms. Fortunately, you can then trade them for heirloom points. You can view your heirloom collection by clicking on the button with the shopping bag and then selecting the appropriate menu.

You can do that with heirloom points

Not surprisingly, you can buy new heirlooms with heirloom points. You can buy these points with SimCash and this currency is mainly in exchange for real money.

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As mentioned earlier, you also have the option to sell double heirlooms to get heirloom points. How many points you receive depends on the rarity of the heirloom:

  • ordinary heirlooms = 15 points
  • unusual heirlooms = 60 points
  • rare heirlooms = 120 points

You need heirlooms for that

Heirlooms unlock game elements that are not available at the start of the game. You can unlock new character traits, careers, and hobbies . Also you can also get additional XP, Simoleons or tokens daily. You can also use the heirlooms wonderfully as decorations. Each heirloom has its own effect.

How to use heirlooms

If you have received a new heirloom, you must select it in your catalog and place it somewhere in your home. Then click it once to activate it. Then you need to tap it again to release the effect of the heirloom .

You can only use a few heirlooms once. Others can be used again and again as soon as the cooldown has expired.

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