How to LEVEL UP FAST in The Sims Mobile

How to LEVEL UP FAST in The Sims Mobile

Level Up Fast on Sims Mobile, gladly! As with many other games, Sims Mobile’s playful progress in levels is captured and worth striving for. Many Simoleons are not bad either, but definitely not mean. This is also the same, why you want to get ahead faster.

With each level new features are unlocked or at least new pieces of furniture and clothing. At least from level 25 is currently the air is still slightly thinner, as far as new areas and correct game extensions. But I think EA will deliver as soon as the game matures and many push into the regions. In order for you to succeed, I’ve collected four tips from the gameplay of the Sims app, which may help you to move faster.

Sims Mobile is a daily topic for us. Sure, there are also the daily tasks and daily gifts. If you are really active, you will need 1 to 2 days for a new level. Our tips are also suitable for those who only have a look every 1 to 2 days.

Tip 1: Timing events and being lazy

Wait 6 hours? Gladly! It is one of the mechanisms of many games that there are timers. That makes you dependent too and that sucks. But just who brought his Sims to a higher job level and is not one of the most active players, they should then just let the long shifts. The same goes for the hobby.

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So if you just want to check in early and in the evening, you will always start the long shifts and at least get some cash and experience. But with the daily tasks that will be tight. Nevertheless, if you start one of the two 6h tasks as a special event and then use the energy to complete short tasks in relationships or hobby. A sims mobile tip for lazy players or a real life.

Tip 2: Working together

Let your Sims work in the same room. Or at least at the same location. Then you can fulfill the small tasks much faster by using energy. While they start with a deen job, you can tap the green checkmark on the other one. Damn fast is an event lasting 1 h performed.

Tip 3: Working together extremely

Both Sims can even interact with each other in relationship events. That should be used if you are in a hurry. Then you can conclude the event with both. Although this saves no energy, the degree is rewarded only once and counted for the to-do, but helps to play optimized.

Tip 4: Special objects for more energy refills

There are a number of house items at Sims Mobile that boost the energy of bed, shower and toilet. For example, the plush paper holder, which brings 1 more energy in the call of nature. Or the bathrobe, which improves the bathtub. If you have them. Unfortunately, many objects also cost SimCash.

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