The Sims Mobile beginners guide

The Sims Mobile beginners guide

Electronic Arts has released “The Sims Mobile“, a new mobile game in the cult simulation series. With our the sims mobile beginners guide you manage the perfect entry.

With the ” The Sims Mobile “, which was updated a few weeks ago for Android and iOS , EA brings the popular life simulation in a new version to our smartphones and tablets. For your perfect start to the game, we’ve put together some helpful hints that will help both die-hard Sims fans and novice Sims players.

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The first task in the game is as usual to create your virtual alter ego, so your own sim . Here you can theoretically spend a lot of time until the look with gender, physique, face, hairstyle, make-up, clothing and co perfectly matches your ideas. You can also change the settings later.

Then you move into your first home, which has more than earned the description. There, it is then first time to make clear ship and prepare the first room, before you start in the right excitement of the mobile simulation hit.

Build a nice home

Build a nice home the sims mobile

Again and again you unlock new home furnishings for your home. You should also diligently place these in your own home to make your home more and more homey. For this you can use the device tickets collected over time to acquire new items for your home. Great side effect: you unlock new actions and improve the lifestyle of your Sims .

sims mobile jobs

sims mobile jobs

As in real life, the jobs for your maintenance in the form of the Simoleons are also taken care of in “The Sims Mobile”. Luckily, you do not have to write an application for a long time, just look up a location with a job offer – you’ve got the job. Among other things, you can work as a barista or cook as well as fashion designer. Your work should be done as often as possible to generate revenue and improve your job skills . That’s how you make your career, which brings your Sim on.

Do daily tasks and missions

sims mobile daily tasks and missions

Work out daily the quests of your to-do list . That brings you loads of XP and other rewards. If you’ve already succumbed to the Sims fever, it should not be a hurdle for you to drop by the app every day. Also on the missions you should take a look regularly and complete the events to collect more rewards.

Help your Sim

Many tasks, such as completing a job, can be done by your Sims on their own. But it works faster, if you help. So the shift is faster and you earn your rewards faster, like EP, Simoleons and career points . And it’s also funnier than waiting. If you are not playing yet, you can still keep your Sims busy and complete tasks.

First hard, then risk-taking

While you are doing your job, As in the small cafe in the park, many small tasks await you. First, complete the normal tasks to build self-confidence. Then you can also try the gradually appearing risky actions (star with sunglasses), which can give you more event points and thus a faster progress , but can also go wrong.

Level upgrades expand your world

By collecting EP, your Sims will steadily increase in level. This will bring you, among other things, new items of clothing and objects for your interior, as well as new neighborhoods and more. So you gradually expand your options in “The Sims Mobile”. As hobbies or the opportunity to marry freely. Once you’ve activated the parties, there are more acquaintances and rewards waiting for you there.

Develop with understanding

Every now and then you can give certain features to your Sim. Read through the features and benefits and then choose a feature that will help you in your plans.

More Sims

Relatively fast you get the opportunity to create more Sims . Then you can pursue multiple careers at the same time and do not often have an exhausted Sim, who longs for new energy. By the way, just put a tired Sim in your bedroom to bed to gain new energy.

Make contacts and distribute stickers

Interacts with the Sims of other players (marked with blue diamonds). Distribute her stickers, which you receive daily for free, make her fashion celeb. In turn, you can reinvest in exclusive fashion in Izzy’s boutique.

Pay attention to special offers

Check out the shop more often. There you will not only find the usual in-app offers for the numerous in-game currencies, but from time to time also great special offers . If you hit it, you will benefit from rich discounts and bring you more favorable in the game.

Watch videos and collect rewards

If you’ve mastered a task, you can occasionally increase your reward by watching a promotional video of mostly 30 seconds in length. Even in the different environments, you often see a little blue video icon. If you tap this and then let yourself be sprinkled with some advertising, you also get a small reward as a thank you for your time . Whether this effort is worth it, we leave you. As a rule, you’ll earn more in less time than through the actual games.

Activate push notifications

Do you always want to stay up to date on what your Sim is doing right now or if he or she has something on their minds? Then activate the push notifications. This is what you will learn when new tasks await you or when they have been successfully completed.

how to add friends in the sims mobile

how to add friends in the sims mobile

The Sims Mobile is not only the famous on-the-go life simulation, but also animates you to interact with players from all over the world. You can, for example, visit parties of other players or award stickers to foreign Sims. In addition, you have a friends list where you can save all your friends or new acquaintances. We’ll explain how exactly you use this feature.

This is how you add friends

If your friends are to become part of your Sims adventure, you have two ways to add them to your friends list. Proceed as follows:

  • Touch the blue pull-out tab on the right side of the screen.
  • Then select the second icon to land in your friends list.
  • Now click on the third icon with the “+”.
  • Here you can enter a friend code to send a request to a player.

By the way, this includes your friend code, which you can send to your friends. As soon as your friend has accepted the request, he appears in your friends list.

sims mobile add friends

Add friends via social networks

If you select the second icon in the friends menu, you can add friends without sharing a code – instead you use social networks. For example, if you ‘ve connected The Sims Mobile to Facebook , you’ll find all your friends there who did that. Choose them and add them comfortably to your list.

sims mobile cheats

How to Get Married in The Sims Mobile

What’s in it for you?

The friends list does not offer you too many options and unfortunately it is also not possible to play in real time with friends. It is still interesting to look at the progress of other players.

If you tap a friend on your list, you can go to his profile and have your friend’s house displayed. You can also see, for example, if there is a party going on there . If so, you can send your sim over to interact with those present.

How to Get Married in The Sims Mobile

How to Get Married in The Sims Mobile

If you start the virtual life in The Sims Mobile , then “marrying” is certainly on top of your checklist. Marrying works a little differently on the mobile version of the life simulation. Everything you need to know is explained in our video guide!

So how you make a marriage proposal

Of course, before you can make a marriage proposal, you must build a relationship with another Sim. This must be found but before. Look around and pick out a Sim you want to marry. Imagine this Sim so you can invite him to your home (Relations → Interact) to improve the relationship.

This is undoubtedly the most stressful part as you have to bring the romantic relationship to level 7 . Interacting with other Sims consumes energy – the most valuable resource in the game – so you can not maximize your relationship as fast as you would like.

the sims mobile cheats

Once you reach level 7, it can go on! If you interact again with your dream-sim, you can start the social event “marriage proposal” . Continue to interact with the Sim and score points until you successfully complete the event. After that you are engaged.

So how you marry

After getting engaged, it’s time to plan the wedding. You will receive a wedding quest that you can accept under “Missions .” Move the cursor to the question mark and you will know exactly what you have to do.

Sims Mobile: How to Get Heirlooms use them properly

All you have to do now is buy a flower column, a rose-tree and a wedding arch and place it outside . You will find the three items under “Wedding” in your catalog. However, you unlock them only when you reach player level 7. Alternatively, you can put SimCash in your virtual hand to unlock it prematurely.

Sims Mobile Tips and Tricks you need to know

When that’s done, you click on the wedding sheet. You will then be shown the Sims that you can marry. It’s possible to have several fiances, but you can only marry a Sim.

Sims Mobile: How to Get Heirlooms use them properly

sims mobile heirlooms

In The Sims Mobile you can collect heirlooms that pave new ways in the game. You need her, among other things, to unlock new careers or hobbies. In addition, you can get XP boosts or even earn more money. We’ll explain how you get heirlooms and how they work.

How to get heirlooms

Heirlooms belong to Sims who are retiring. If a Sim withdraws, he will leave you his heirloom . So you have to increase your family so you can always get new heirlooms.

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There are three types of heirloom: ordinary, unusual and rare. The rarity level depends on the lifespan and life satisfaction of the Sim who is retiring. Life satisfaction can be increased by achieving life goals.

It is quite possible to get double heirlooms. Fortunately, you can then trade them for heirloom points. You can view your heirloom collection by clicking on the button with the shopping bag and then selecting the appropriate menu.

You can do that with heirloom points

Not surprisingly, you can buy new heirlooms with heirloom points. You can buy these points with SimCash and this currency is mainly in exchange for real money.

Sims Mobile Tips and Tricks you need to know

How to LEVEL UP FAST in The Sims Mobile

As mentioned earlier, you also have the option to sell double heirlooms to get heirloom points. How many points you receive depends on the rarity of the heirloom:

  • ordinary heirlooms = 15 points
  • unusual heirlooms = 60 points
  • rare heirlooms = 120 points

You need heirlooms for that

Heirlooms unlock game elements that are not available at the start of the game. You can unlock new character traits, careers, and hobbies . Also you can also get additional XP, Simoleons or tokens daily. You can also use the heirlooms wonderfully as decorations. Each heirloom has its own effect.

How to use heirlooms

If you have received a new heirloom, you must select it in your catalog and place it somewhere in your home. Then click it once to activate it. Then you need to tap it again to release the effect of the heirloom .

You can only use a few heirlooms once. Others can be used again and again as soon as the cooldown has expired.

Sims Mobile Tips and Tricks you need to know

Sims Mobile Tips and Tricks you need to know

Hey players today you will learn sims mobile tips and tricks that you need to know. In the meantime a lot of hints and explanations about Sims Mobile have appeared here on the vietmeme. Now it is time to explicitly talk about tips and tricks to get on better as a beginner and an advanced user. These are valid until level 18 and should be heeded.

The Sims Mobile Tips and Tricks about events and energy

Use your energy for level up fast

As you level up in Sims Mobile, you will not only get SimCash and new items to buy unlocked, but the power of your Sims will recharge. Therefore, our first tip is as follows: Try to spend the energy of all your Sims when you are about to level up. Now finish the events to ascend the level. If you only lack a little energy, you can, for example, use the toilet, shower, bed or bath (which, however, is only available from higher levels) to get you more energy. If you climb in the level, all the Sims get the full power again!

Finish events in Sims Mobile faster

Events can be stopped faster by energy. But even here you can accelerate the whole thing again. Mostly there are orders that cost 1 or 2 energy. Both bring (calculated on an energy) the same yield. However, you have a time advantage: By using orders with 2 energy directly, you are twice as fast, because time always stays the same.

Over time, even risky actions are unlocked. Do not use these immediately, but continue the normal actions. Only when the bar has filled to over 75%, you should perform the action. Here is the highest probability that it succeeds. So with 3 energy you get significantly more points that accelerate the event.

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Place objects that bring bonuses to your energy

If you’re buying new items for your home, especially to increase your lifestyle rating, then especially buy the items that bring bonuses to the energy at The Sims Mobile. So you can regenerate significantly more energy with a toilet or shower or sleeping.

By the way, buying twice brings nothing (so twice toilet paper increases only once the bonus). In addition to these objects, always take a look at the career and hobby objects. If you place such items, you will not only have more actions available, the event will finish faster. Note that you place the objects BEFORE STARTING the event, as this is the only way to save the minutes for the event.

Send your Sims to hobbies and careers for more Simoleons

Actually, the entire season of The Sims Mobile you will always have too few Simoleons and so can hardly buy anything, which makes it difficult to heed. Therefore, you should send your Sims to career jobs and later to hobby events, because these two (as well as the special events) will always reward you with Simoleons.

The more Sims you send to such events, the more Simoleons you will generate in Sim’s Mobile. But also note tip 5 and 7, because not always this makes the most sense.

Look into the missions and do them

A quick look at Tip 4: Should you get a mission that involves ending a relationship event, you should always prefer this. Only when you finish a mission will a new one be unlocked. And missions are hugely important to get to the SimCash required in Tip 6. So be sure to do the missions, as you will get to the SimCash without the use of real money to unlock a third sim.

Tips about relationships and Sims

Collect and save your SimCash for the third Sim for Sims Mobile

To unlock the third Sim, you need 175 SimCash. You can earn this within a week even without real money. To do this, as described in Tip 5, you must complete the missions and save your SimCash. So do not spend SimCash on other stuff on Sims Mobile. Already after a few days you will have them together and you can control a third Sim. This way, you can get to the Simoleons faster and faster at SIms Mobile.

And another tip: If you want to spend real money, then get the advantage pack, which brings you 550 SimCash. Together with the saved SimCash from the missions, you can also unlock the fourth Sim directly.

Start a love relationship to get married and have babies

Even though I have excluded relationships at Tip 4 because they do not bring in Simoleons, Sims Mobile is simply about starting a love affair. It will also be part of the missions, so it’s important. To start a love affair, you have to introduce yourself to another Sim coquettish and play through the events. So you step up in the story step by step and in the end you can not only get engaged but also have a baby and get married.

Always use other sims for relationship events

Of course, it’s tempting to relate his two Sims, but that’s not very productive in Sim’s mobile, as you’ll only ever get the reward for the event, but both Sims are busy. So you will move forward very slowly, because you continue to deserve no Simoleons.

If you already have a relationship, take a sim and pair it with an unknown one. The other sim must then necessarily make career or hobby events to get to the Simoleons, otherwise you can not get ahead (rooms and land extensions you unlock only by buying objects and you need in turn Simoleons).

Unlock land extension and rooms

If you want to know when you can get land upgrades and rooms in Sims Mobile, then just tap the top of the Lifestyle icon. Now you can see all levels and by means of an icon you will be shown where you get a room and where a landing extension.

Take a look at the frequently asked questions about Sims Mobile

We have published several articles about The Sims Mobile, including an article with frequently asked questions . This also includes references to continuing articles. This will help you find answers to your questions and, if your question does not crop up, take a look at the comments or write down the question you’d like to have answered!

How to LEVEL UP FAST in The Sims Mobile

How to LEVEL UP FAST in The Sims Mobile

Level Up Fast on Sims Mobile, gladly! As with many other games, Sims Mobile’s playful progress in levels is captured and worth striving for. Many Simoleons are not bad either, but definitely not mean. This is also the same, why you want to get ahead faster.

With each level new features are unlocked or at least new pieces of furniture and clothing. At least from level 25 is currently the air is still slightly thinner, as far as new areas and correct game extensions. But I think EA will deliver as soon as the game matures and many push into the regions. In order for you to succeed, I’ve collected four tips from the gameplay of the Sims app, which may help you to move faster.

Sims Mobile is a daily topic for us. Sure, there are also the daily tasks and daily gifts. If you are really active, you will need 1 to 2 days for a new level. Our tips are also suitable for those who only have a look every 1 to 2 days.

Tip 1: Timing events and being lazy

Wait 6 hours? Gladly! It is one of the mechanisms of many games that there are timers. That makes you dependent too and that sucks. But just who brought his Sims to a higher job level and is not one of the most active players, they should then just let the long shifts. The same goes for the hobby.

So if you just want to check in early and in the evening, you will always start the long shifts and at least get some cash and experience. But with the daily tasks that will be tight. Nevertheless, if you start one of the two 6h tasks as a special event and then use the energy to complete short tasks in relationships or hobby. A sims mobile tip for lazy players or a real life.

Tip 2: Working together

Let your Sims work in the same room. Or at least at the same location. Then you can fulfill the small tasks much faster by using energy. While they start with a deen job, you can tap the green checkmark on the other one. Damn fast is an event lasting 1 h performed.

Tip 3: Working together extremely

Both Sims can even interact with each other in relationship events. That should be used if you are in a hurry. Then you can conclude the event with both. Although this saves no energy, the degree is rewarded only once and counted for the to-do, but helps to play optimized.

Tip 4: Special objects for more energy refills

There are a number of house items at Sims Mobile that boost the energy of bed, shower and toilet. For example, the plush paper holder, which brings 1 more energy in the call of nature. Or the bathrobe, which improves the bathtub. If you have them. Unfortunately, many objects also cost SimCash.