With more than 34,000 restaurants in 118 countries, there aren’t many places on earth where McDonalds isn’t: the Pacific Mariana Trench, snowswept landscapes of the […]
In mid-June, around the 14th, a provocative status update surfaced on the personal Facebook profile of a popular Vietnamese user who goes by the name […]
“Recurring and stereotyped news stories portray a dynamic world of change while disguising old ideological understandings and solutions as social truth.” –  W. Lance Bennett […]
When it comes to censoring entertainment media content for what it deems the “public good,” Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has typically had […]
A publicist’s worst nightmare is to get a perfectly crafted story out, after endless screening, planning and forecasting, at the wrong moment. No matter how […]
The Vietnamese have some wonderful phrases for describing seemingly hopeless  tasks. There’s Lấy trứng chọi đá, for example, which means “When the egg meets the […]
If you’re online and haven’t been living in a cave this year (though this one has plenty of room for you), it shouldn’t be hard […]
Vietnam, whose population notches around 90 million, has about 130 million mobile phones. There are also 19 million mobile Internet users, equating to penetration of […]